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private website

What can you expect ?
  1. information about PatDEM
  2. Travelinformation of the trips
  3. lots of pictures
  4. mountainbike stuff

Hey there,
Welcome to my humble website, it was made to let you experience some of my webfavorites and lots of my best pictures.
This website does not involve any company .
Please notice that all photos used on this site are owned by myself. Please contact me if you want to use them .
I wrote most of this site in English because I hope to reach some people outside of Belgium too, if there are some spellingmistakes (or other) feel free to tell me) , always and still learning.
I am not responsible for the contents of banners and ads on top and bottom of my pages, so please don't mail me about them.
Please sign the guestmap after your visit..
Enjoy !

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The longer the name, the less important the job.