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The Bikes


I saw this bike hanging on the wall in the local bike shop. I wanted it , just for the looks. I was a novice , didn't want to spend a lot on my first MTB (I paid 650 euro at the time) .Strange white CroMo frame, stiff white forks, cool looking Tioga Psycho light grey tires, bright grey saddle.  I never saw anything like it. I still remember the feeling I had when I pointed at it and said: ''I want that one'', didn't have to sleep overnight thinking about pros and cons.This was it! Originally it had an Alivio/STX-RC mixed group on it.The first thing I changed was automatic pedals, then a Rockshox forks and finally new wheels ,DEORE group, Tranz-X suspension seatpost. After buying the Scott , I sold it after years of pleasure.
UP TO DATE Components: 
Frame: Gary Fisher Aquila 16,75 ''
Sattel: Selle Italia Flight
Seatpost: TranzX suspension
Bar: System Components
stem : system components
Headset: Pro
Shifters : Deore
Brakes : Deore
barends: Fisher
Grips: ODI
Front Derailleur: Deore
Rear Derailleur: Deore
Chain: Deore
Cassette: Deore
Crankset: Deore
Bracket: Deore
Pedals : Ritchey Clipless
Hubs: Deore
Forks : Rock Shox Indy
Spokes: DT standard
Rims : Mavic 138
tubes: Michelin
Tires: Michelin Wildgripper

Gary Fisher Aquila
Gary Fisher

Scott FX

Well, riding the Fisher was great, but as riding became more serious, I wanted a Fully, wich was very stable in downhill (the Fisher started drifting a lot at high speed downhills) and a bike that would do well on any terrain, oh and save my back.
I wanted a mono pivot bike (simple) , and this time I wanted to put in a little more money (2300 euro), I had experience with riding now and also with  MTB materials. None of the bikes on the market had the specs that I wanted for a reasonable price: fully XT (except cranks), Disk brake Louise front, Magura HS 33 rimbrake on the back with ceramic rim, Ritchey parts, and a freeride frame ,not to heavy (12,2 kg, no not the frame only) with an XC cockpit and XC feeling to it???? HAHAHA yes I know, some of you will wrinkle the eyebrows on this one. And I know it is a little bit unusual. But it is perfect for me, I feel very comfortable riding it, and it is fast , very fast on any off-road terrain.... as long as you stay seated. I don't feel no pumping effect   when riding it, but when running on the pedals it is like a trampoline (exaggerated), but I don't have that kind of ridingstyle so I only mention it to make you die-hard opponents of FS feel understood . Maybe later I will put a rearshock with an ''air-spring'' and lock-out as the final upgrade that will bring the weight under 12 kg and make it perfect to climb a hill on the street ..
UP TO DATE Components: 
Frame: Scott Ground Zero FX 3 Small
Sattel: Selle Italia Flight gel
Seatpost: Thomson
Bar: Ritchey Pro
stem : Ritchey Pro
Headset: Tioga
Shifters : XT
Brakes :Formula B4 pro
barends: Ritchey Pro
Grips: Ritchey TGV
Front Derailleur: XT E-type
Rear Derailleur: XT
Chain: Sram 59
Cassette: LX
Crankset: LX
Bracket: XT
Pedals : Ritchey
Wheels: Shimano 575
Forks : Rock Shox Judy SL
tubes: Michelin light
Tires:Hutchinson Mosquito Air light

Scott FX Costum Build

Sintesi Jade

Ok ,so now I had my Fisher and Scott. I was so happy with the disk brakes that I wanted them on the Fisher too, but that would be so pricey to change (it didn't have disk brakemounts on frame nor the forks and I don't like adaptors ) .I decided on a new bike. I had good experience in building the Scott and that it doesn't necessarily have to be more  expensive than a factory build bike, so of  I went. I started with a good italian frame and then put on an LX group with XT shifters. A Marzocchi forks with ECC (kind of lock-out) ,Formula B4 brakes , Ritchey Comp parts and Mavic Crossroc UST wheels :great !!! 11,2 kg for 1550 euro not bad !
Great bike to attack the flat offroad field tracks as long as it gets not too bumpy, then I still prefer my Scotty. This bike is so fast ,you can't imagine , but of course it is hard on the rear end . In winter I use it with Shimano 575 wheels and Geax Streetrunner 1.25 tires to go out  and ride on the street. Scary FAST.
UP TO DATE Components: 
Frame: Sintesi Jade 16''
Sattel: Selle Italia XO
Seatpost: Ritchey Comp
Bar: Ritchey comp
stem : Ritchey comp
Headset: Ritchey Fuzzy logic
Shifters : XT
Brakes : Formula B4
barends: Ritchey comp
Grips: Lizard Skin
Front Derailleur: LX
Rear Derailleur: LX
Chain: Shimano 105
Cassette: Shimano Ultegra
Crankset: Ritchey WCS
Bracket: Lx
Pedals : Shimano 515
Wheels: Mavic Crossroc disc
Forks : Marzocchi MXC-ECC
tubes: tubeless
Tires: Michelin Wildgripper comp tubeless

Sintesi Jade Costum Build

Hairdo by helmet !