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Lots of  local mountainbike trips : 40-70 km
Some Chronos: mostly between 50 -70 km just for fun.
Lots of  attending WC at Houffalize and riding the WC track recreational and when the pros are not there. Go away you people that ride the track when the race is going on !
Lots off multi-day week-ends in the Ardennes and the North of France.
Holidays: lots of  Les Vogues (FR), Le Morvan (FR), Freeraid Classic Morzine (FR-SUI) , Elba (IT)*, Almeria (ESP)*, Marrakech(MA)continuing
*: see articles in Bike magazine ''Fiets'': nr 4 1998 (Elba), nr 5 2000 (Almeria) with the story of our trips.


2003 season

Season 2004

Mountainbike light ''birdshooter''

my favorite TT / Chronos / organisation:
1, Lustin 22/6/2003
Track: 10 Organisation: 9
2, Langdorp (Hagelandse Chronorit 70 km) 29/6/2003
Track:9 Organisation: 9
3, Florennes 13/07/2003 / Woody Bikers
Track:9 Organisation: 9
4, Bevel 8/6/2003
Track:8 organisation: 10
5, La Transfrontalière  Péruwelz / X-treme bikers 
Track:7 organisation 10
6, Seraing : Rando Du Cristal /Adam Smol
Track :8 organisation:9

My favorite MTB products:
1. Ritchey Z-Max tire 1.9''
2. Decathlon ''Camelback''
3. Diadora Shoes
4. Magura Louise '00 Discbrake
5. Magura HS 33 Raceline
6. Shimano XT shifters
7. Bell Paradox Helmet
8. Santini legging
9. Marzocchi MXC-ECC forks
10. Lizard Skin grips
11.Gore Windstopper function jacket


No- do TT/chrono/organisation:
1. La Trace d'Hez  Tangissart '03 50 km Chrono
track: 4 organisation: 6 
Why No do?: after 15 km was everybody back at the finish due to creating the track totally like amateurs. Nice place to bike though.
2.Gent-Blaarmeersen 10/1/04 50 km TT 11e drie koningen tocht
ttrack: 2 organisation:2
Why no do ?  Bad organisation

No-do MTB products :
1. Hutchinson UST scorpion 1.75''
looses air too quickly + wears out as you watch it
2. Cannondale gloves
Stitches are too weak
3. Mavic Crossroc Disc UST rear wheel
play to soon on hub + spokes brake like spaghetti
4. all Coda parts I guess
just look around and you'll know (seen it on a friends bike)
5. Oakley glasses
because they look so cool and I can't afford them

I got really enthusiastic about orientation a few years ago . You know it : maps and compass. And now also GPS. This funny little piece of electronics has given me a lot of pleasure and I want to share with you some of the tracks I rode and ''recorded'' with my GPS. No track was copied from another website. The format used is Garmins *.mps . If you have remarks, or there are faults in the tracks, please feel free to let me know. Click title to go to the downloadpage.
When some of the downloads give troubles, just ask and I'll e-mail them to you.

To fall of a bike is never intended !